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We provide full payroll services, including the appropriate forms to get your employees started and then provide paystubs and T4’s at the end of the year.


Our premium payroll services include:

  • Fully cloud based applications.

  • Employee portal for payslips, T4’s etc.

  • Payroll direct deposit.

  • Calculation of overtime and bonuses.

  • Adherence to employment standards (E.S.A.).

  • ROE (Record of employment) for terminated employees.

  • Payroll source deductions and applicable remittances to government.  

  • W.S.I.B. (Workers Safety Insurance Board).

  • EHT (Employee Health Tax) remittances.

  • Posting of Payroll Journal to General Ledger.

  • Annual T4′s, T4A’s preparation along with annual reconciliations.

  • T5018 Statement of Contract Payments.

  • Determination of ‘employee vs subcontractor’.


We help your business manage the CRA and any provincial requirements that your business must follow.  We track, and report, on your behalf and we can let you know in advance of the filing date, what is due and how much.


Here is a list of what Government Reporting your business may need:


  • HST (Harmonized sales tax).

  • Payroll source deductions.

  • W.S.I.B. (Workers Safety Insurance Board) and EHT (Employee Health Tax) remittances.

  • Annual Reconciliations.

  • Preparation and support during government audits.


If you’re registered for GST/HST, you’ll be filing sales tax returns on a periodic basis. We will review and file your sales tax returns each period to ensure you file accurately and on time.  

Experience the confidence that comes from having your bookkeeping and accounting taken care of by experts.  We focus on ensuring year-round accuracy and compliance, so that you never worry if things are done right or on time.


Your business needs meaningful and well-organized financial records and reports This ensures you are provided with the most up-to-date information on how your business is performing, which will provide you with a reliable basis for future financial planning.​


Our premium bookkeeping services will assist you with getting your business running smoothly and more efficiently. We will streamline your bookkeeping process, improve controls, and establish better reporting with custom key performance indicators (KPI’S). 

Our Services Include:

  • Regular and accurate financial reporting.

  • Maintenance of the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable.

  • Bank, Credit Card, Trust and Merchant terminal reconciliations.

  • E-commerce reconciliation and tax filings.

  • HST filing and compliance.

  • Payroll services and government remittances.

  • Bookkeeping system setup for new or existing businesses.

  • Tax installments and filings.

  • Catch up and cleanup bookkeeping.

  • Accounting systems conversion and setup of cloud Fintech applications. 


Embracing collaboration and state of the art technology, we work in sync with your financial advisors, accountants, and legal professionals. This synergy is powered by advanced tools that ensure swift, precise financial management, granting you a competitive edge and financial insight.


Our premium service extends beyond daily bookkeeping to an annual summary that aligns with your year end accountant's needs. We anticipate year-end requirements, ensuring a prepared and efficient handover of fully organized books.


Bespoke Reporting Systems

Dive into deeper financial analysis with our bespoke reporting services. We go beyond traditional bookkeeping practices to deliver comprehensive reports that aid in strategic decision-making, helping you to understand the nuances of your business finances.

Cloud-Based Efficiency

Our premium bookkeeping services are powered by leading cloud-based platforms, ensuring that your financial data is always up-to-date and accessible. With the cloud, we offer real-time bookkeeping, allowing us to provide timely insights and swift updates to your financial records.

Technological Edge

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying ahead means leveraging technology to its fullest potential. At The Bookkeeping Bureau, we integrate cutting-edge bookkeeping technology to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and security in managing your financial affairs.

Data Security and Compliance

We prioritize the security of your sensitive financial data with robust encryption and security protocols. Compliance is also key; we ensure that all financial practices meet the latest regulatory standards.

Integration with Business Apps

Our bookkeeping services are complemented by a selection of business apps that integrate seamlessly into your financial ecosystem. From expense tracking to budgeting tools, we harness the power of these apps to provide a comprehensive bookkeeping solution.

Support and Training

Embrace the full potential of our technology with our dedicated support and training team. Whether you wish to understand the intricacies of your financial software or need guidance on specific application features, our team is here to empower and support you.

Automated Processes

Automation is at the heart of our premium bookkeeping. From automating your accounts payable and receivable to streamlining payroll and reconciliations, our systems reduce the potential for error and free up time to focus on growing your business.

Customized Technological Solutions

Recognizing that each business has unique needs, we offer customized technology solutions. We assess your specific requirements to implement bookkeeping systems and services that are the right fit for your business model and goals.


It happens; you fall behind and after a while the pile of paperwork grows and so do the CRA notices. 

Don’t let the assessment notices scare you, it could be better than you think and will feel great once up to date!


The Bookkeeping Bureau has extensive experience in past account catchup and clean up. We will organize your books, get them up to date and file all past due government remittances. Once up to date, we can implement an efficient bookkeeping system that is easy to manage and maintain.

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